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Nori Asian Fusion Cuisine

Casual Asian Fusion Cuisine Dining in Fort Wayne, IN. 

We serve Sushi, Thai and Selections of Asian Foods


Beef Rendang

Spicy beef cooked in coconut milk with various spices


Crispy Duck*

Available in Yellow, Red and Green 




Grilled marinated beef served with 

vegetables pancake and kimchi


Grilled Salmon Curry*

Available in Yellow, Red & Green curry



Available in Yellow, Red & Green curry

Fu-Ki Chicken

Breaded chicken in house sauce with 

crispy noodle


Seafood Tom Yum*

Mixed seafood in Hot and sour soup


Nori Fillet Snapper*

Crispy Fillet Snapper in Yellow Curry 



Chicken Katsu

Breaded crispy chicken breast with 

Katsu sauce